Hello people of the Internet, Whether you have stumbled upon this blog by mere chance, my incessant and shameless self promotion or by recommendation, welcome, welcome, welcome to my little space on this vast world-wide web. So, my purpose is not to bore you by telling you who I am and what I do in... Continue Reading →

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Forsaken and Forgotten

Flourishing meadows, Fawning and adored, Feign the rustling, Fluttering and crackling. Forlorn smiles, Futile cries, Fire burning, deep inside Freedom, just out of sight. Flooding sunlight, Feral nights, Flight of fantasy, Flight to freedom. For laughter, For love, Foreboding shadows hold no more. Feeling for the flickering stars, Flair fingers, Frigid bones, Forsaken and forgotten... Continue Reading →

Escaping the Embrace

Every footstep counted, trembling fingers, a thundering heart Every night, a stumble through the dark, Every word you said, beckoning and bellowing, Every breath I take, silently and shivering Eight, nine, ten... End of the corridor, there you stand, Every step closer, raising your hand, Every hit, Every slap. Eleven, twelve, thirteen... Everyday I pray,... Continue Reading →

Dusk till Dawn

Dusk upon the sandy shore, Darkness creeping in. Dust settling in my breath, Drinking in that late sunset, Delve into my thoughts, my soul, Deeper, right into my bones. Dance under the moonlight, Divulge your love, here, tonight. Dauntless, Doubtless. Dawn breaking along entwined hands, Daybreak shining upon the shimmering sand. Don't let go, it'll... Continue Reading →

Clandestine rendezvous

Clandestine rendezvous, Construed as taboo. Cherubic cheeks, a covert kiss, Cryptic glance, a caress of the hand.  Confession of love, Copious and consuming.   "Conjoin us early tomorrow morning!" "Condone they shall not!" "Compromise shall we not!" Cunning hand, a jealous friend, "Conjugal tomorrow, conspiracies shall follow!"   Come morning, cheerful yet foreboding, Calm skies... Continue Reading →

Blazing Beauty

Blushing cheeks, Beauty in all there is, Blinding lights, Beaming smiles, Beloved is she. But for a girl is she, Bespoke, belittled, Brought down, broken, Bottled, brushed off. But somehow, somewhere, Beyond and under, Broken shackles, Bound no more. Blazing through the midnight sky, Bleak forests now ablaze, Brave heart is she, Burning all in... Continue Reading →

Adorn My Love

Autumn winds, Arching trees, Azure skies, an Addiction is she, an Allure so magical, an Abstract appeal, an Angel from heaven, Art, but real. Amorous gaze, an Astral beauty, in an Abyss of darkness, Abide did I. Awaken me, and Adorn my life.


I sit here watching the colours of planet Earth contrasting with the darkness of the Universe. The wild call of a feral cat echoed by the mating call of a herring, the joyous splash of an elephant in water for the first time in months, polar bear cubs peeking from the snow, eyes wide in... Continue Reading →

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